Origin Green Gold Member 2021

Origin Green Gold Member 2021

24th Sep 2021

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Dawn Meats has been actively involved in the Origin Green program since its inception. As a founding Origin Green member, Dawn have progressively submitted more ambitious annual targets since its first plan in 2012. 


In 2020 as part of the Origin Green programme evolution, Bord Bia introduced Gold Membership, recognising members who are performing at a high level or excelling in their sustainability plans.

Through the exceptional performance of the team at Dawn Meats, which was recognised and scored as exemplary, under 5 headings of 8 mandatory target areas, we have been awarded with Gold Membership for 2021.

This award is testament to the hard work and dedication of many team members who have contributed with enthusiasm to the underlying actions taken on behalf of all of us, and in writing the annual Origin Green report, which details the progress made on our sustainability plan.

Gill Higgins, Group Head of Sustainability at Dawn Meats, said:

“As a founding member of Origin Green, we are delighted to have been awarded Gold Membership for 2021. This achievement has been made possible through the dedication and efforts of our people, suppliers and customers, and we would like to thank each of them for their contributions.”