Animal Welfare

Good animal welfare is embedded in the Dawn Meats culture and we recognise that such practices are the only acceptable approach. We understand that good animal welfare is what our customers and consumers want and we know that it can lead to improved performance and reduced need for veterinary and medical intervention.

Our Animal Welfare Vision

  • Best in class animal welfare practices throughout our supply chain.
  • Support our farmer suppliers to produce ever more efficient and sustainable livestock through a combination of practical demonstrations, ongoing feedback and increasing the extent of animal health information we provide.
  • Increase the number of qualified animal welfare team members on site and further invest in training and equipment.
  • Work with all of our livestock hauliers to ensure they are operating to the highest animal welfare standards.
  • Engage with forward-thinking global experts on animal welfare.

Five Freedoms

As a minimum, we are committed to upholding the following five freedoms.

  • From hunger and thirst
  • From discomfort
  • From pain, injury or disease
  • From fear and distress
  • To express normal behaviour

Our Commitment

We are committed to being an industry leader for animal welfare. We source animals from extensive (outdoor) grassland based farming systems which allows animals to exhibit their natural behaviour and enjoy their preferred forage.

Our Dedicated Teams

It is imperative we continue to develop our dedicated animal welfare teams on all sites. Team members are selected who have the correct aptitude, attitude, temperament and experience for handling live animals.  These specialised team members undergo extensive animal welfare training, achieve certificates of competency and site standard operating procedure training in accordance with legislation.

At all times, we are continuously monitoring animal welfare and have CCTV in all lairages.  We always actively feedback any welfare issues to both hauliers and farmers.