At Dawn Meats, our team members are a diverse and inclusive community of passionate people striving to make a difference. We make every effort to ensure they feel a valued part of the business and that they in turn value the opportunities that arise from working with Dawn Meats. We are focused on a culture that fosters diversity, inclusion, enthusiasm and motivation, whilst ensuring the safety of each individual within the Company.


Our People Vision:

  • Attract and retain the best talent

  • Strategic employee development

  • An established, consistent formal appraisal system

  • Increased employee opportunities for NEETS (NEET’s = not in education, employment or training)

  • Enhanced innovation capability.

In an industry steeped in tradition, a diverse workforce helps us to understand the needs and tastes of our varied customer base, whilst an inclusive and supportive culture helps to ensure our team members feel valued and willing to deliver strong productivity.



As a large organisation, Dawn Meats understands the importance of engaging its workforce. We have expanded our internal communication and are committed to continuous improvement leveraging the LEAN communication structure, social media, intranet and bulletin boards. We have also run week long events centred on themes such as the environment, health and wellbeing and food safety.


Responsible Practices

Dawn Meats supports diversity and equality, and is committed to the development of a positive policy that ensures team members are recruited, developed, remunerated and promoted on the basis of their skills, knowledge and competencies. Management encourages the recognition of good work, colleagues going the extra mile and colleagues who support the team. We work hard across all of our sites to help and support people to recognise and fulfil their potential.

Business Working Responsibly (BWR) Mark

The Business Working Responsibly (BWR) Mark is recognised as the pre-eminent standard for corporate responsibility in Ireland. The BWR Mark is audited by the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI), based on ISO26000 and is managed by Business in the Community Ireland (BITCI).  It comprises a comprehensive and independent review of Dawn Meats policies, practises and performance in corporate responsibility, business ethics and organisational structure. Areas covered as part of the audit process are corporate governance, workplace, marketplace, environment and community practices. BITCI are company advisors and offer expertise across all areas of business including employee engagement, supply chain, procurement, climate change and human rights.

Dawn Meats first started working with Business in the Community in 2015 and was the first Irish food processor to achieve the Business Working Responsibly (BWR) Mark in 2017. All of its plants in Ireland  achieved the BWR mark in November 2019 and Dawn Meats is one of only 34 companies (public or private), to have achieved the mark in Ireland and remains the sole Irish food processor to have achieved this prestigious award. Click to read more

We are focused on a culture that fosters diversity, inclusion, enthusiasm and motivation