Mobile Phone Policy English

Personal Mobile Phone & Electronic Devices Policy


The use of mobile phones and recording devices are strictly forbidden in the production department and surrounding areas including but not limited to, the lairage and loading bay.

It is prohibited for any employee to take a mobile phone or any other electronic device into any part of their work area on site – factory floor/production areas – with the exception of Dawn Meats issued phones. Personal mobile phones or any other personal electronic devices should not be used during working time.

Employees who bring their mobile phones onto the factory premises must leave them switched off in their lockers in the changing rooms prior to entering their work area. Dawn Meats has a strict “empty pocket” rule whereby all personal possessions must be left in lockers and not carried in pockets or otherwise onto the factory floor.

The taking of photographs and/or videos anywhere on site at any of the company’s locations by employees using mobile phones and/or other electronic devices, for example recording equipment or cameras, is strictly forbidden. Any employee found to be in breach of this ruling will be subject to the disciplinary procedure up to and including dismissal.

It is the responsibility of employees to ensure they are compliant with this policy.


All visitors on site must be accompanied by a representative of Dawn Meats. Site visitors will not be allowed take their mobile phones with them when going into production areas. It is the responsibility of managers who have visitors on site to advise them that mobile phones or electronic devices of any description are not permitted on the factory floor. Visitors must also be informed that photography on site is strictly forbidden. Managers must ensure visitor adherence to this rule. Provision should be made for visitors to leave their phones or other electronic devices in a safe and secure place if they are going into production areas.

Use of personal mobile phones for personal calls or text messages

Personal mobile phones may only be accessed and used during break times and only in the changing rooms, the canteen, car park or the smoking area. Their use is prohibited in all other areas of the site. Employees must not use their phones until they are actually in these areas. Any employee in breach of this requirement will be subject to the disciplinary procedure up to and including dismissal.

Right of Search

The company reserves the right to conduct random stop and searches as employees leave the factory floor to ensure full compliance with this procedure.

Breach of Policy

Any breach of or refusal to comply with this policy is a serious disciplinary offence. Employees who are found to be in possession of a mobile phone or other electronic device on the factory floor or in any other forbidden area within the site in breach of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal, following a full investigation.

In the case of non-employees, i.e. visitors or contractors, who fail to adhere to this policy, sanctions will be imposed which could, in particular circumstances, include the termination of a contract, the suspension of service, exclusion from the company’s premises or other appropriate actions.

The company also reserves the right to retain a mobile phone or other electronic device where it has reason to believe that such devices were used secretively in unauthorised areas of the company premises in contravention of this policy and may pass same to the Gardai for separate investigation if it is believed that the employee/non-employee may have had an ulterior motive for taking the device into a forbidden area.

The company will take no responsibility for the loss of an employee’s or non-employee’s personal belongings whilst on its property.

This policy will be reviewed from time to time to take into account the experience of the policy in practice.