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Food Safety


We care about the safety, quality and sustainability of the products we produce. All sites operate to the highest level of food safety standards. Each and every one of our sites are subject to numerous audits on an annual basis covering not only all aspects of food safety but how we do business, including health & safety.  We invest heavily in on site quality and technical inspections. This is in addition to the tens of thousands of on farm audits that occur throughout the year.



Our Food Safety Mission:


“To be recognised as having an industry leading culture of food safety, quality and technical innovation.”



Our Food Safety Vision:

Leading Industry

Food Safety


Technical Innovation



We believe that good health comes from a balanced diet and active lifestyle. Our product development activities are based upon the development of wholesome food products which meet all food safety and legal criteria required by the country in which they are marketed.

Our strong Food credentials are constantly demonstrated through market led culinary development to ensure our products are delicious and appeal to our customers. We aim to develop products which meet both the demands of our customers and support customers as they seek to partake in a healthy, balanced diet within an active, balanced lifestyle, as defined by reputable bodies. 

Health Benefits of Red Meat:

Red Meat is the most bioavailable source of iron and zinc. Both beef and lamb are sources of potassium and are rich in niacin, vitamin B12 and B6. Health claims for meat nutrients include: