Caledonia Crown Scotch Beef

Caledonia Crown is the leading provider of quality Scotch Beef in the British Isles.  The finest beef cattle from prime Scottish herds, grass fed on Scotland's highlands provides the famous Scotch Beef from Caledonia Crown. Our Scotch Beef is world-renowned for its flavour and succulence, which is achieved through Traditional Herding, Traditional Butchery and Traditional Beef Maturation. 


Once ordered your Scotch Beef enters our state of the art procurement and distribution network to maintain the highest quality supply chain to your front door.

We are the leading providers of 'Farm-to-Plate' Scotch Beef. 

Caledonia Crown's Scotch Beef is sold and distributed throughout the UK to the finest hotels and restaurants and our Scotch Beef is sought after by leading chef's.

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