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Dawn Meats and Dunbia Deal Closes

Friday, 29 September 2017 10:41

The strategic partnership and acquisition agreement announced in May 2017 by Dawn Meats and Dunbia has been completed, with all relevant regulatory clearances approved.

Dawn has agreed a strategic partnership with Dunbia to establish a joint venture in the United Kingdom comprising the UK operations of both organisations. 

The combined UK businesses now trade as Dunbia and are managed by former Dunbia CEO Jim Dobson as CEO, and Dawn Meats CEO Niall Browne as Executive Chairman. Today the new brand and logo for the joint venture was unveiled to staff and customers at the business’s headquarters in Dungannon, Northern Ireland.

In the Republic of Ireland, Dawn has acquired Dunbia’s operations, and now has 9 facilities (including 5 abattoirs), following the addition of two complementary Dunbia facilities - one abattoir in Slane, and one boning hall in Kilbeggan. 

The combined businesses in the UK and Ireland will process approximately 900,000 cattle and 2.6 million sheep annually.  

Commenting, Niall Browne, CEO of Dawn Meats said: “We are very pleased to have successfully concluded this process and can now look to deliver the benefits that we believe this transaction will bring for our customers, staff and suppliers. Our focus will continue to be on quality and sustainability across 3 leading national businesses: Dawn Meats in Ireland, Dunbia in the UK and Elivia in France.”

The combined businesses in the UK are highly complementary, and will offer customers regionally sourced solutions for both beef and lamb from 15 facilities across Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Jim Dobson, CEO of Dunbia said:  “I am excited today to be introducing a fresh look for the new Dunbia business in the UK. The partnership will ensure that we can grow as a leading supplier in the UK market and deliver long-term solutions for our customers and a strong relationship with our farmer suppliers.”


QDB Holdings UC - Group Tax Policy

Commitment to compliance

The Group is committed to conduct its global tax affairs consistent with the following objectives:

• Comply with all relevant laws, rules, regulations and disclosure requirements wherever we operate 

• Ensure the tax policy is at all times consistent with the Group’s overall strategy, its approach to risk and the Group’s values

• Apply professional diligence and care in the management of all risks associated with tax matters and ensure governance and assurance procedures are appropriate

• Foster constructive, professional and transparent relationships with tax authorities

Effective risk management

The Board is responsible for the Group’s tax policy and tax risks. Day to day responsibility is delegated to the Finance Director who works with the Financial Controllers of the Group finance department and the shared services centre to manage the tax risk through the Group finance function and through operational accounting functions of the business.

The Board reviews and approves the Group’s tax policy annually. The Group finance function identifies and manages tax risks using its knowledge of the Group’s operations and tax legislation. This is done by:

• regular communication with finance staff within the business to keep informed of any significant business changes

• monitoring proposed changes in tax legislation to identify its potential impact for the Group; and

• involvement in all acquisitions including review of financial and tax due diligence reports into the target’s business. 

Eliminating tax risks entirely is impossible, therefore the Group’s attitude towards the level of control required over the processes designed to reduce these tax risks is driven by the likelihood of occurrence and scale of impact of each risk. 

The identified tax risks are then assessed on a case by case basis, allowing the Group to arrive at well-reasoned conclusions on how each individual risk should be managed so that potential tax exposures may fall within the Group’s acceptable tolerance levels for risk. Where there is uncertainty in how the relevant tax law should be applied, external advice may be sought to support the Group’s decision making process.

When reviewing the tax risks associated with a specific decision or action, always bearing in mind the Group Tax Policy, the following is to be considered:

• The legal and fiduciary duties of directors and employees.

• The requirements of any related internal policies or procedures.

• The maintenance of the Group’s corporate reputation, having particular regard to the way we interact with the communities around us in accordance with the Group’s CSR policy.

Responsible attitude to arranging our tax affairs

The commercial needs of the Group are paramount and all transactions must therefore have a business purpose or commercial rationale. The Group considers different tax outcomes when structuring material transactions to ensure they are carried out in an efficient manner and compliant with all relevant laws.

In cases where the tax guidance is unclear or the Group does not feel it has the necessary expert knowledge to assess the tax consequences adequately, external advice may be sought to support the Group’s decision making process.

Due consideration will be given to the Group’s reputation, brand, corporate and social responsibilities when considering tax initiatives, as well as the legal and fiduciary duties of directors and employees of the Group and will form part of the overall decision making and risk assessment process.

Constructive approach towards dealings with tax authorities

The Group values having good relations with tax authorities. We are therefore committed to the principles of openness and transparency in our approach to dealing with tax authorities and engage with them in a spirit of co-operative compliance. 

The Group strives to make fair, accurate and timely disclosure in correspondence and returns, and respond to queries and information requests in a timely fashion. The aim would be to seek to resolve any issues in a timely manner and where disagreements arise work with tax authorities to resolve issues by agreement where possible.

In accordance with UK rules, the Group nominates a Senior Accounting Officer (SAO) for each of the UK subsidiaries. The SAO ensures that processes of tax compliance are carried out correctly and encourages regular communication with the Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) assigned by HMRC to develop a constructive and mutually beneficial relationship. 

Board ownership and oversight

This document, approved by the Board of QDB Holdings UC, sets out the Group’s approach to conducting its tax affairs and dealing with tax risks for the year ending 31 December 2017.  

Signed on behalf of QDB Holdings UC (The Group)

Daniel Browne



Dawn Meats and Origin Green

Launched in 2012, Origin Green is the national sustainability programme for the Irish food and drink industry. It is the only sustainability programme in the world which operates on a national scale, uniting government, the private sector and food and drink producers, through Bord Bia, the Irish Food Board. Since the inception of Origin Green, over 137,000 carbon assessments have been completed on Irish beef and dairy farms, where Dawn Meats sources livestock for processing. These audits have provided over 25 million data points on the performance of Irish farms in relation to sustainable practices. 

Dawn Meats has been actively involved and supportive of the Origin Green program since its inception.  One of only 8 companies that sponsor the Origin Green Ambassador programme, Dawn Meats has continuously advocated membership of Origin Green and offered support & advice to other member companies. As one of the first verified members of Origin Green we have progressively submitted more ambitious annual Origin Green targets since our earliest plan in 2012.  Our sustainability plan makes many commitments including: energy, water, emissions, waste, raw material sourcing, biodiversity, people and community.  Under energy, water and emissions we have made significant progress and on average over the last 4 years we have made the following equivalent savings across the group:

Dawn Meats is committed to sustainability and fully supports the collaborative nature of the Origin Green programme. Through industry working together, from farm to fork, we are able to provide our customers and their customers in turn, with sustainable, healthy & high quality meat products.  This collaborative work is exemplified at our Newford Farm. Dawn Meats and Teagasc, supported by McDonald's, have established a standalone suckler herd at Newford, Athenry, Co Galway to demonstrate best practice in sustainable suckler beef production.  The herd is run on a fully commercial basis and demonstrates the potential of a moderately large suckler beef farm to generate a viable family farm income when operated to the highest level of technical efficiency and best practice. The farm acts as a shop window for the technologies that drive profitability in a suckler herd and operates in a completely transparent manner, with all measurements and data available to visiting groups, other interested parties and the farming public. For more information on the farm and to follow the weekly updates:

In addition to our supply chain work, we continue to invest internally in our people, plant, processes and technology. Through our membership of Origin Green and many complementary CSR initiatives Dawn Meats is fully committed to the goal of being ‘Europe’s most sustainable meat company’.  For more detail about our sustainability commitments please download our 2016 CSR report here: 

Closing date for applications to the programme is the 3rd of September 2017.

Macra na Feirme's Young Farmer Skillnet has announced the launch of its Young Beef Farmer Sustainability Programme in association with Dawn Meats.  The programme is designed to help ambitious young farmers to develop their farming skills, their business and commercial awareness.

Dawn Meats and Macra Young Farmer Skillnet are inviting young farmers to apply for a place on the programme, which runs for 8 months and will equip participants to:

  • Analyse and evaluate their own business and to make choices for future growth and efficiency;
  • Understand the customer requirements in the retail marketplace and how as beef farmers they can meet those requirements;
  • Identify practices on their individual farms that can enhance sustainability and profitability;
  • Share and communicate the knowledge gained from the programme with their fellow young beef farmers;
  • Perfect their communication style when dealing with people - from farm staff and contractors to the bank manager.

Speaking at the launch of the programme Paul Nolan, Dawn Meats said: “With a proud tradition of producing the most succulent grass-fed quality assured beef on our Irish family farms, Dawn Meats is delighted to work with Macra's cohort of young beef farmers as they embrace the opportunities for efficient and sustainable beef production into the future.”

James Healy, National President of Macra na Feirme said: “This initiative is an exciting opportunity for young beef farmers to help them improve the efficiency, sustainability and margins of their farms. By participating in this Skillnet training, young beef farmers from across the country will gain a deeper understanding of the beef industry from farm to fork.  We would encourage all young beef farmers to apply for this programme and we wish to thank our partners Dawn Meats for their support and assistance with this initiative. The Young Beef Farmer Sustainability Programme will give our young beef farmers the confidence to undertake on-farm projects that add value to their beef farming enterprise. It is a very exciting development for our Skillnet training offering.”

Applicants can apply for the programme online at Places are limited so applicants should apply early before the closing date the 3rd of September 2017.  

The successful participants will be introduced at the National Ploughing Championships in Screggan, Tullamore, Co. Offaly in September.

Great Taste Awards 2017

Tuesday, 01 August 2017 15:13

The world’s most coveted blind tasted awards, The Great Taste, has released the stars of 2017 and Dawn Meats is amongst the producers celebrating having been awarded gold stars for 14 products, including a 3-star for our ‘Swaledale Lamb Rack’.

The Guild of Fine Food underpins the British speciality food sector, with the recognised Great Taste Awards for produce that surpasses excellence in quality, taste and innovation. To receive a 3-star rating, every judge at each judging session, had to unanimously agree that the product had achieved absolute perfection by delivering exceptional quality and taste. Dawn Meats are proud to carry the Great Taste logo as it is a badge of honour but more importantly a signpost to our wonderful tasting products.

Recognised as a stamp of excellence among consumers and retailers alike, Great Taste values taste above all else, with branding and packaging removed prior to tasting. The judges then savour, confer and re-taste to decide which products are worthy of a 1-, 2- or 3-star award.

This year saw the Great Taste judging road-shows take place in Llandrillo College, North Wales, the Guild’s Headquarters in Gillingham, Dorset and the new venue and permanent home close to Borough Market, London. Judged over an intense 62 days from March through to early July, by over 400 of the nation’s most discerning palates belonging to food critics, chefs, cooks, restauranteurs, producers and a host of food writers and journalists, Great Taste is widely recognised as the most respected food accreditation scheme for artisan and speciality fine food and drink.

Of the 12,366 products that were entered this year, only 165 products achieved the highest and most coveted rating, three stars – including our very own ‘Swaledale Lamb Rack Cap On’.
Commentary from the judges on our 3-star accredited ‘Swaledale Lamb Rack Cap On’ included: “A beautifully butchered rack of lamb”, “An excellent product, deserving of all accolades it can get”, and “stunning, I'd definitely go back and buy that again and I wouldn't worry about the price point either".

Gold at World Steak Challenge 2017

Wednesday, 05 July 2017 16:12

Dawn Meats are proud to have received a Gold award at the World Steak Challenge 2017 for its grass fed 28 month Shorthorn Sirloin Steak from Cardington. Now in its third year, the World Steak Challenge was held at The Magic Roundabout in Old Street, London on 4th July.

The global challenge, which recognises Gold and Silver Medal steak quality, was presented by Global Meat News. This year's competition saw 17 countries and 25 breeds represented with more than 90 entries involved across the categories. Each steak was judged against internationally agreed criteria, that covered both raw and cooked technical testing. A two-stage judging process ensured that each steak was sampled by both a panel of expert judges and a panel of consumer judges. Each entry is judged on a variety of factors including marbling, trim, aroma, succulence and taste.

Rod Addy, editor of GlobalMeatNews, said: "The sheer range and quality of entries this year is a testament to the hard work put in by producers across the globe. This year's Challenge has attracted a record number of entries, reflecting the pride producers take in steak production and the importance of winning this accolade to propel their business and their brand".

Commenting on the Gold Award, Mike Roach, Dawn Meats, said: “We are proud to have been awarded Gold by the panel at this year’s World Steak Challenge. Not only is it testament to the hard work and dedication of our top class producers, it is a great endorsement of our exclusive process which combines tradition and technology to consistently produce an outstanding steak. We are delighted that the Judges enjoyed them as much as we enjoyed selecting, producing and presenting them.”

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

This statement is made by Dawn Meats (UK) [“Dawn Meats”] and sets out the steps the Company has implemented to ensure that slavery and human trafficking is not taking place in its supply chain or any part of its business.  It is a Statement made in accordance with Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the MSA), and covers the financial year from January 1st 2016 to 31st December 2016. 

Dawn Meats is fully committed to the objectives of the MSA and recognises its responsibility to be aware of potential risks of modern slavery within the organisation and its supply chain.  Modern slavery is a global problem.  It is complex and is characterised by exploitation and abuse. Working in collaboration with our business partners we are committed to monitoring, reviewing, improving, aligning and developing our management systems to ensure the integrity and transparency of our supply chain both at home and overseas.

The CEO and Senior Management Team have ongoing responsibility for ensuring that the statement is published annually and accurately reflects the company’s measures and initiatives to tackle slavery and human trafficking.  The Group Human Resources department and site HR Managers are responsible for implementing policies and reviewing the process by which they are developed.  The HR teams are also responsible for the cascade of information throughout the sites and the conveying of similar messages to the wider business. 

In addition, we have appointed a Modern Slavery Champion, whose role it is to ensure that we are doing all that we can to avoid the possibility of modern slavery occurring within our operations and supply chain. Furthermore, a key objective of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility forum is to devise and implement ethical initiatives to endorse the company’s commitment to acting ethically and with integrity in all its business practices.

About Us
Dawn Meats is a premium meat processor and supplier of choice to a range of leading supermarkets, food service and restaurant businesses.  Established in 1980, Dawn Meats is now an industry leader.  We employ more than 3,300 staff in ten countries, exporting to over 48 countries. At Dawn Meats we are committed to our staff and our customers.  People are our strength and dedication to excellence is at the heart of Dawn Meats success. 

We welcome and encourage fresh thinking and actively build on an innovative culture across the company.  We are a family owned business, which remains true to its farming heritage through the close relationships it has forged with 20,000 farmers in the UK and Ireland.  Dawn Meats works closely with some of the world’s leading food companies who are attracted by our commitment to business integrity, sustainability and quality.

Our Supply Chain
Our supply chain includes the sourcing of livestock and raw materials principally related to the provision of food.  The manufacturing supply chain is one of the most complicated of any industry with several tiers of suppliers. 

Supply chain transparency, security and integrity are crucial components of our business model.  We have implemented robust technical and traceability systems to ensure that our products are responsibly sourced from suppliers whose values are aligned with our own.  We have clearly established internal processes which set out to verify that our key suppliers comply with our own very high standards which includes a long term established and detailed farm auditing programme. 

We are an AB member of SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) and we encourage our suppliers to register and complete a SEDEX SAQ as part of their relationship with Dawn Meats.   Those suppliers who are not members of SEDEX need to demonstrate their compliance and commitment to ethical trading and supply chain integrity in order to qualify for a relationship with our company.  All sites within Dawn Meats extensively undertake Ethical Trade Audits. 

Our Standards
Dawn Meats has a fundamental commitment to acting ethically and with integrity in all business relationships. We are committed to working collaboratively with our business partners to ensure that our supply chain is transparent and is free from labour exploitation and abuse.  Our commitment is extended to social and environmental responsibility and we have a zero tolerance of slavery and human trafficking.

Our Social Accountability Policy embraces the principles of the Ethical Trading Initiative base code.  It specifically addresses the key subjects contained in the Modern Slavery Act as the following exert taken from section 1 demonstrates: -

‘Employment is freely chosen.  There is no forced, bonded or involuntary prison labour. The Group operates a policy of providing equal opportunities to all workers.  Workers are not required to lodge deposits or identity papers and are free to leave after notice.’

Ethical Best Practice has been identified as a bedrock of the Dawn Meats business model.  The risks posed by Slavery and Human Trafficking are continually monitored by our Modern Slavery Champion and HR Leaders. 

Risk Assessment
One of the largest risks in our supply chain lies with our labour providers as the numbers of temporary workers may rise significantly at peak times of the year.  We have stringent Service Level Agreements in place with our labour providers to ensure that they are fully committed to the principles of the Modern Slavery Act, and we remain acutely alert to any hidden labour exploitation which may include practices such as bonded labour, payment for work finding services, payment for access to specific shifts and forced use of accommodation. 

Dawn Meats use labour provider partners to supply a percentage of our workforce.  These are long established business relationships with providers who are fully aware of the Company’s compliance requirements.  All labour providers to Dawn Meats are registered with and in possession of a valid GLA licence and are required to attend Stronger Together Workshops as part of our terms of business.

Active Check immediately highlights to us any changes in license status.  The diagram below maps out the planned monitoring and audit process for labour providers.  Each labour provider will be audited on an annual basis.

Diagram Outlining Labour Provider Audit and Monitoring Process for 2017

Training and Awareness
We have an ongoing training programme for HR Leaders to ensure that they are fully trained on the risks posed by labour exploitation. HR practitioners have and will be attending Stronger Together Workshops which are aimed at tackling modern slavery in the supply chain. 

The learnings and knowledge from these workshops will be communicated at induction and refresher induction to Dawn employees and agency colleagues alike.

In 2016 to ensure a high level of understanding of the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking in our supply chain and our business we embarked on an education awareness campaign with our senior managers via two methods – the Executive Team briefing and the Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility forums.  The company has reinforced its responsibility under the Modern Slavery Act via its commitment in the published 2016 CSR report which appears on the Company’s website.

Whistleblowing Policy / Whistleblowing line
We have a robust and established Group Whistleblowing Policy that is bought to the attention of all employees and agency workers who join Dawn Meats.  The policy which is translated into a number of languages is published on staff notice boards. Additionally, there is an anonymous confidential hotline in place.  Information posters are published in both English and Polish.  The line is available 24 / 7 and is manned by a team of independent professionals who have translation facilities available in multiple languages to all callers. 

This confidential helpline is available to all employees, contractors and agency workers.  It is managed entirely independently by a 3rd party who will investigate any complaints made. 

Dawn Meats encourages and supports any individuals who raise genuine concerns to ensure that no one suffers as a consequence.

Measuring Effectiveness – Performance Indicators
In order to monitor the effectiveness of the steps taken by the business to prevent slavery and trafficking  the company will use the following indicators on an ongoing basis: -

- Detailed monitoring /recording of all complaints received via our Confidential Hotline.
- Ongoing training of existing and new people to ensure full understanding of the commitments of the Modern Slavery Act and ethical trading initiatives.
- Ongoing annual audit of all Labour providers 
- Increased usage of SEDEX platform in close conjunction with our suppliers.
- Delivery of in house and external ethical training awareness to key people.
- Commitment to continuous improvement and thus a review of our recruitment and induction practices.
- Full review and audit of transportation practices to and from work.
- Translation of relevant policies into most commonly spoken languages other than English.

Niall Browne
Chief Executive

This Statement has been approved by the CEO and Senior Management Team who will review and update annually.

Dawn Meats was delighted to accept the awards for ‘Best Beef Product’, ‘Best Red Meat Product’ and ‘Young Manager of the Year’ at this year’s Meat Management Industry Awards which took place at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole on Wednesday 28th June 2017. 

As one of the highlights of the meat industry calendar, the annual Meat Management Industry Awards sets a benchmark for recognising excellence throughout the meat industry. Dawn Meats was awarded ‘Best Beef Product’ for their Extra Special Slow Cooked West Country Teriyaki Beef Rib as supplied to Asda. The product was also selected as overall winner of the ‘Best Red Meat Product’ which recognises the top product from the three category winners – Beef, Lamb and Pork/Pigmeat.

Commenting, Kristian Gabrielson, Asda Account Manager, Dawn Meats said: “We are proud to have been awarded ‘Best Beef Product’ and chosen as ‘Best Red Meat Product’. We attribute this success to the innovative approach our dedicated and passionate team take and our commitment to quality combined with our expertise and exceptional customer service”.

Other products from Dawn Meats to receive recognition on the night included:

Chuck ‘n’ Rib Beef Burger – Finalist – Best Burger
ASDA Extra Special Slow Cooked Lamb Tagine - Highly Commended – Best Lamb Product
ASDA Extra Special Slow Cooked Coq au Vin – Finalist – Best Poultry Product

Young Manager of the Year Award

Gerard Kennedy, Site Operations Manager at Highland Meats, a division of Dawn Meats (UK) has been named ‘Young Manager of the Year’ at this year’s Meat Management Industry Awards.

To be considered for the award Meat Management were looking for candidates under the age of 34 with initiative, someone to watch for in the future and someone who is looking at the industry as a whole, not just within their specific job role and the day to day running of the business or department.

Having first joined as a graduate in 2009 Ger progressed quickly through the Graduate Training Programme, and worked across numerous sites in both the UK and Ireland. In 2014, Ger took over as Site Operations Manager in Highland Meats. Under Ger’s management, the site of 280 people is a strong inclusive team who strive for continuous improvement. The site has improved all of its’ key customer quality & service scores, including complaints and audit results. In addition, throughputs in the factory have increased while budget and cost control measures have been tightened and improved.

As part of the award process, Ger was interviewed by a panel of 5 industry professionals. The interview process involved taking a dive into his history within the industry, his ambitions and where he sees himself in 5-10 years. Ger also had to provide his views on the meat industry, what he sees for the future of the industry, the challenges it faces and how these challenges may be tackled.

The panel included: Keith Fisher, Chief executive, Institute of Meat, Bill Jermey, Chief executive, Food & Drink Training & Education Council Ltd, Rob Smith, Director of Blue Fish Marketing Consultancy and Meat Management magazine contributor, Christine Walsh, Managing director, Meat & Livestock Commercial Services, Emily Ansell-Elfer, Editor, Meat Management magazine and Graham Yandell, publisher of Meat Management magazine as Chair.

Commenting on Ger’s award, Ken Hallahan, UK Operations Director, Dawn Meats said: “Ger’s inclusive and supportive management style has allowed him to be successful in the development of both the Highland Meats site itself and the management team. His leadership skills and approach have helped him to drive through a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration across functions and responsibilities”.

Helen Rees, Group HR, Dawn Meats said: “Ger is an excellent example of the progression that may be achieved by graduates through the Dawn Meats Brighter Futures programme. His rapid rise through the company is testament to his hardworking and meticulous nature. Ger demonstrates all the key skills and characteristics required to succeed in this industry and is a real asset to the business”. 


Dawn Meats has agreed a strategic partnership with Dunbia to establish a majority owned joint venture [‘JV’] in the United Kingdom comprising the UK operations of both organisations. Dawn will separately acquire Dunbia’s operations in the Republic of Ireland. The deal is subject to approval by the relevant competition authorities.

In Ireland, Dawn Meats will have 9 facilities (including 5 abattoirs), following the addition of two complementary Dunbia facilities - one abattoir in Slane, and one boning hall in Kilbeggan.

The combined UK businesses will trade as Dunbia and will deliver enhanced scale and market presence to better serve existing farmer suppliers and customers of both organisations across the retail, manufacturing, wholesale and food service sectors. The businesses are highly complementary, and will offer customers regionally sourced solutions for both beef and lamb from 15 facilities across Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Dunbia’s CEO Jim Dobson, OBE will be CEO of the new Dunbia JV, and Dawn Meats’ CEO Niall Browne, will be Executive Chairman. The JV will be run from Dunbia’s existing headquarters in Dungannon, Northern Ireland.

Commenting, Niall Browne, CEO of Dawn Meats said: “We are both family businesses with a deep connection to farming and a culture and business ethos that is centered on quality and sustainability. Given the uncertainty posed by Brexit, this partnership should further underpin the competiveness of both operations to the benefit of all stakeholders in the UK, Ireland and across Europe.”

“We are very excited about the future of both companies and the opportunities that this transaction will bring for our staff, customers and suppliers. In our key operating markets we will be involved in 3 leading national businesses with Dawn Meats in Ireland, Dunbia in the UK and Elivia in France, with our cooperative partners Terrena.”

Jim Dobson, CEO of Dunbia said: “This is the right strategic partnership for Dunbia’s staff and customers and sees us joining with a company with a shared heritage of excellence in the production of premium beef and lamb products. The new UK joint venture confirms our future as a leading supplier in the UK market. In a consolidating industry this deal makes strategic sense for both companies, our customers and our farmer suppliers.”